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LIT is based in Europe from approximately December 1st through April 7th. Athletes have about a 10-day break at the end of December and are given the opportunity to travel home. There is also a weeklong break in February, which is necessary for peaking strategies and season-long success.

Overview of groups

For the 2023-24 season, we will have 2-3 groups - depends how many athletes academy will have. Each group will have approximately 4-6 athletes with one designated coach. LIT owner Chris will not be assigned to a specific group but will float among the teams to make sure the LIT methods, in regards to technical and tactical views, are being met. The group descriptions and qualifications are as follows, although we look at all athletes on skiing skills first, not just FIS points.


EC & FIS level 

Qualification: EC/FIS Level Athletes with FIS points below 40 and Senior FIS Level (according to the 21st FIS point list 2022-23) who are YOB 2002 and older (athletes who are no longer juniors).


FIS team athletes will compete in Europe on FIS races. Athletes who are qualified will have the opportunity to race Europa Cups and other Continental Cups, depending on the individual athlete’s progression, and if they qualify for World Cup, we will help them to have right support on the races.


JUNIOR FIS level (YOB 2007-2003)

Qualification: First year FIS with success at their respective national level and FIS juniors.

Junior FIS athletes will compete in National Junior Races in Italy and other nearby countries such as Austria, Germany, Slovenia (FIS &NJC, NC races) and France (end of season DEN, BEL&LUX NJC, NC). In the 2022-23 season there were over 60 NJR races scheduled just in Italy, so there are plenty of opportunities to compete in NJR races throughout Europe. Since our base is in Italy - Soraga di Fassa, there are plenty NJR races around this area, we would like to take opportunity and race here as much as possible. (Pozza di Fassa, San Pellegrino, Alleghe, Carezza, Pampeago, Nova Ponente).

JUNIOR LIT: (most likely only 1 athlete)
Qualification: U16 athletes (YOB 2009-08) who have had success at their respective national level.
The primary focus of our junior program is to develop solid fundamentals through free skiing, drills and gate training. Junior team athletes will race in local Italian races, as well as International Children’s Races (Pokal Loka, Pinocchio, La Scara, Alpe Cimbra, etc.). Athletes may have the opportunity to forerun FIS level races.
Important for J-LIT;
- athletes needs to get registered through one local Italian ski club in Trentino, our region (e.g.: Val di Fassa,...)

- has to get medical check-up upon arrival + doctors note for registration

All athletes:
- worldwide insurance
- take care of valid VISA for long stay

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