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General informations


Our main training venue is Pozza di Fassa which is a 5-minute drive from the athlete’s apartments. We also train at other resorts such as Passo San Pellegrino, Carezza, and Pampeago, all within a 30-minute drive. It’s important to train on as many different training venues as possible to prevent stagnant skiing. The Dolomites offer a wide variety of free skiing and training venues. Having the ability to choose a venue based on the snow, slope, and how it’s going to affect our desired goals for the day is a luxury that most academies and teams do not have.


We race primarily in Italy, but also travel to nearby countries such as Austria, Germany, Slovenia and France.


Coaches will organize daily workouts, recovery or games on ski camps. For the offseason, athletes will be given individualized conditioning programs designed by Alex Bunt. The past several years, Alex Bunt was Lindsey Vonn’s conditioning coach and currently works for Red bull North America. Additionally coaches can also help with dryland program based on their experiences and sending videos of certain exercises.


Coaches will tune athlete’s skis on a daily basis. Athletes are responsible for waxing and scraping. The tuning room is located in one of the athlete apartment buildings. 

Any problems with equipment; skis & ski boots, there is 10min drive to a ski shop where they have professional tools to repair or set it - Bosin sport in Predazzo. 

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